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Amazon won't let you use your own Tracking ID to get credit for purchases. Associate Swap was created for you to indirectly earn affiliate commissions for your own product purchases through Amazon. Every search gets appended with a random affiliate tracking code that's not yours. The more often you use Swap to search the more often your tracking code will get used with other users.

  1. Register and enter your Amazon Associates Tracking ID
  2. Use to search Amazon
  3. Every time you use the site to search you get a credit
  4. Every search on the site grabs a random Amazon Associates Tracking ID and adds it to the URL
  5. The more credits you have, the greater chance your Tracking ID will be used


Earn credits by referring other Amazon Affiliates. You get 10 credits for every signup you refer and an additional credit every time one of your referral searches the site. You will automatically be setup in our affiliate program upon signup.


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